Color Joy

Our Vendors

Welcome to Coloy Joy in Colorado Springs

We have a diverse groups of vendors here are Color Joy! Have a favorite? Check out their link provided for more information about them! Interested in becoming a vendor? Email us at

Katharine D

Color Joy's owner, Katharine, has a YouTube and Instagram following with her DryerDays Handle. A texture, resin and fluid artist, Katharine strives to educate and help other artists thrive.

DryerDays YouTube

Ashlee Designs, LLC

Ashlee, from Ashlee Designs, is a trained Graphic Designer, but enjoys to make fine art in her free time. Her main medium is scratchboard artwork, which she draws by scratching white lines through the ink with a sharp tool. She spends between 8-10 hours working on a 5x7 board. All the framable cards are copies of original works and names as well as stories that goes with each.

Ashlee's website

Jennie Harvey

Jennie Harvey offers original artworks, fine art prints, and stickers. Her style is a blend of impressionism and abstract to create expressive artwork with acrylic and oil. Landscapes, animals, and florals inspire her creativity.

Jennie's Instagram

Mountains and Plants Earrings

All Mountains and Plants Earrings are designed and laser cut locally by Leah Neuman! While most are laser cut out of super light acrylic plastic, some are made of wood. The bright neon colors and fun patterns are sure to add a bright and unique touch to any outfit!

MPE Instagram

Matthew / Eclectic Image Digital Art

My art is composed of many different subjects and is bright with color and full of motion.  Patrons have mentioned to me they have never seen anything like it!  I sell 16x20 mats and aluminum prints of various sizes.  

Matt's Work


Madeline's collection embraces softness + empowerment through carefully crafted clothing staples, ranging from cozy intimates to versatile everyday pieces. Tailored to celebrate women, MadZinnia strives to offer a cute+ comfortable fit that uplifts both body+ spirit. Each piece is lovingly hand-dyed with vibrant colors and sewn using eco-conscious materials, ensuring not only comfort but also a sustainable footprint.

Madzinnia Website